Tuesday, August 18, 2020

First, let me just say how incredibly proud I am of The People First Campaign. I am eternally grateful to everyone who signed my petition, which got my name on the primary election ballot and the general election ballot for November. Thank you, to my mentors, strategists, and volunteers who showed up to door knock and make calls. You are responsible for getting me to this point and it is because of you, that I will continue to fight for what is right. Congratulations to Rep. Gibson and The Voices of Women of Color for the primary election win.

I would not have this opportunity without the hard work of my West Indian parents who immigrated from Jamaica to this this great country. I take pride in my heritage and encourage all people of various cultures to get involved and find your voice.

So where do we go from here? My supporters are encouraging me to keep fighting and stay on the November ballot to offer voters, all voters, in our district a choice. Therefore, I am proud to announce that I will continue to campaign through November!


In addition to supporters encouraging me to keep pushing through November, Rep. Gibson has yet to reveal his plan to address inequities in education, expand access to quality healthcare, and affordable housing in our District. He has not addressed utility company monopolization, mass incarceration, nor climate change and our environment. Simply voting on these issues at the direction of the Democratic Caucus is not leadership. Not being able to give clear and effective utterance on legislation he is voting for or against, is not leadership. I am prepared to not only speak about how I intend to take these issues on, but I will review past legislation that has caused more harm than good like the Dominion "bailout" passed by our legislature in 2017. The unintended consequence of that bailout is what led to the 100% increase in delivery charges on electric bills. If we go back even further back to deregulation over 20 years ago, policy makers did not think about the potential for bad actors in the market and to write in language that protects consumers in perpetuity. In the meantime, electric customers in this state have collectively been over charged in the millions. The cost these bad actors have had on taxpayers via complaints to PURA and the Office of Consumer Council, has cost us millions!

I have analyzed Rep. Gibson's voting record and its clear, he is voting along party lines. If elected, I fully intend to exercise my analysis muscles and zoom in on past legislation and offer amendments to address unintended consequences that cause more harm than good. I will zoom out on proposed bills and do my best to investigate the past and attempt to predict the future, to address the potential harm on everyday residents. I am not naive about November. I know the challenges un-endorsed (Row B or C) candidates face in a primary and in the general election. It is much like pushing a boulder uphill. Sadly, the Governor's Stay Safe, Stay Home orders, where absolutely the responsible response to the pandemic to keep Nutmegger's safe, and did impact my ability to campaign through traditional means. I managed my own campaign, kept the number of volunteers low, to keep residents safe as we door knocked, and cancelled meet and greets and fundraising events we initially had on the calendar. My team and I used bicycles as our primary means of transportation to keep our carbon footprint low and be more visible in the community.

Despite the primary loss, I believe in offering voters in our district a choice at the polls. So, let us continue to give the people choices on the ballot, give the people time to vet candidates, and give the people an opportunity to hear candidates’ debate. That is what democracy is all about. Much is at stake and I have the energy to press on. I choose to continue the fight for policies that reduce harm. I am here to stay, and I am here to put People First.


I thank you for your vote in the primary and I ask for your continued support. I will see you at the polls on Tuesday, November 3rd! - DW




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