My name is Danielle Wong. I am a lifelong Bloomfield resident, I’m a mom, a Warhawk (Bloomfield High School ’03) progressive Democrat and running for the District 15 Connecticut House seat that covers Bloomfield and part of Windsor. My two daughters walk the very same halls I did as a child in our schools, and I have a vested interest in our community. I’ve been a champion for equity and social justice my entire life and I bring a sense of urgency, responsiveness and action.

My work experience in the public and private sectors has enabled me to appreciate the complexity of market economies - the good and bad. I’ve also know firsthand, that government decisions significantly influence the success or sadly failure of the low, middle and working classes. So, don't count me as someone who scorns government. I just know that policy and decision making can be done better.

Shortly after being elected to Bloomfield Town Council last year, I was approached by a few Bloomfield residents, who suggested that I challenge the incumbent and run for State Representative. One person in particular noted that I really dug into the primary and general elections for my seat on Town Council and saw that I had what it takes to represent our community at the state capitol. After a few months of researching the role, I decided to step up. I decided that I didn’t need to wait to gain more experience and that I certainly did not need to wait, “for my turn”. A term often used in local politics especially as there is historically a machine in both the republican and democrat parties that are deeply steeped in cronyism and sometimes nepotism. 

In the past year, I have spoken to hundreds of residents and learned what they feel the real issues are in our community. Diving into the work of the Bloomfield Town Council, I immediately understood that the issues confronting our communities require a reach for resources, funding and leadership beyond what is currently available at the town level. On the road to economic recovery from Covid-19, we will need brave representation for our district. Right now, I don’t believe we have that. If you agree or disagree with me, I’d love to hear from you. 

My campaign for the District 15 seat stands for challenging the status quo, increasing funding for our children’s education, expanding job opportunities and prioritizing our infrastructure. We need to ensure equitable economic development for the residents of Bloomfield and Windsor. I believe in protecting our environment and protecting our population’s most vulnerable.

Prior to Covid-19, we knew of the disparities in health, housing, education, transportation and employment. But what is also inequitable is access to political power. If the power to select and elect our local leaders, is in the hands of a few, we will never achieve equity.  There was a time when people moved into our community to seek a better education, better housing and a higher quality of life. What we have seen in Bloomfield is a decline in our education rating, and an increase in the number of impoverished households. What changed in our town? Do we have the right leaders in place advancing policy to improve our everyday lives? Our current state rep. claims to be an environmental champion, but hasn’t shared any details about the Shared Clean Energy Facility (aka SCEF) built on the grounds of the Board of Education. Note, this is the first SCEF site, in our entire state! This initial community solar offering allows the option for residents, governments and businesses to choose community solar energy for the first time. Energy affordability impacts nearly 30% of our towns residents. Our current state rep, even voted against the bottle bill last year! Amendments to the bottle bill would increase the addition of beverage containers in the redemption value requirement and increase the redemption value of recycling containers. Why would he vote against the bottle bill, if he is an environmental champion?  He even openly admitted to constituents that he doesn’t read all the bills that he votes for or against. He voted for HB Bill 5524, which increases criminal penalties, instead of using evidence based, proven harm reduction and community approaches to solve the problem. We cannot continue to hurt more people than we help.

I understand how old school politics works and knew I would face an uphill battle challenging the seat. Our local Democratic Town Committee, responsible for vetting and selecting candidates for office, is a powerful machine. It’s hard to see our democratic town committee be so opposed to new ideas and people, but I knew the odds would be stacked against me when I decided to run.  I’m here and I’m prepared to earn every single vote.
I’m up to the challenge and I’m prepared to serve. – DW 




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