• Fight for a well-funded, universally-accessible, quality public education system from pre-school through graduate school

  • Strongly oppose the privatization and corporatization of our public schools

  • Push for full Education Cost Sharing formula funding and prioritizing our children's education immediately by directing revenue to the fund first.

  • Believe definitive changes cannot be addressed until we remove the target aid for towns and phase in full implementation expeditiously 

  • Provide access to robust vocational programs and provide a pipeline to professional opportunities

Where She Stands
How Danielle Wong will work for you
Covid-19 Recovery and Progress
  • Support legislation that requires access to treatment, testing and contact tracing regardless of health insurance plans or a person's economic status

  • Support protection from denial of coverage or higher premiums for people with preexisting conditions

  • Support bans on annual and lifetime health insurance caps

  • Support a public option to allow families, small businesses, nonprofits a quality health insurance plans negotiated by the state

  • Support regulations to lower prescription drug prices, prevent greedy price gouging, and allow the state to negotiate for more affordable life-saving drugs

Social Justice
  • Prioritize those most impacted by the injustices of the political and economic systems

  • Analyze current policies and laws that are meant to work against the most vulnerable

  • Demand criminal justice reform in Connecticut 

  • Stop targeting and cutting programs aimed at helping older adults​​

  • Support policies that create secure retirements for workers

  • Stop lowering the income levels that would make a senior eligible for the programs

  • Expand prescription drug programs that provide assistance 

Criminal Justice Reform and Police Accountability 
  • Legalize cannabis with equity for the communities most harmed by the War on Drugs and undo the results of failed prohibition 

  • Redirect Police budgets to enhance crisis interventions, mental health training and social services programs for police officers 

  • Establish more restrictive use of force policies for police as it has been proven to predict lower rates of deadly and less lethal force

  • Expand power for community oversight 

  • Implement statewide independent investigations and prosecutions of police misconduct to allow for the just punishment of officers who break the law

  • Remove barriers to access to healthcare for the aging population like asset tests for Medicare programs 

  • Stop chipping away at tax credits for the poor and middle class and no new burdens imposed on this income group, such as the sales tax surcharge on prepared meals and a fee on plastic bags

  • Ease tax burden on Seniors and Elderly

  • Close gaps in inequities by demanding policy be written holistically instead of creating harmful policy in silos

Budget and Taxes
  • Stop raiding and diverting funds 

  • Legalizing cannabis can support economic recovery and undo the results of failed prohibition 

  • Create a dedicated user-fee revenue stream for investments in our local transportation infrastructure that would allow out-of-state drivers to contribute to the local costs

  • Protect municipal aid spending and avoid shifting costs such as pension funding to towns and cities

  • Raise income and capital gains taxes on the top 3%

  • Formally evaluating the $7 billion+ in tax expenditures Connecticut spends each year and eliminate failed policies

  • Offer housing solutions that rebuild healthier and more economic resilient communities 

  • Support affordable housing initiatives in suburban communities giving working families access to more resources 

  • Offer Development incentive programs to encourage private developers to increase the supply of affordable housing

  • Address exclusionary zoning practices and leftover redlining discrimination 

  • Streamline the regulatory approval process and encourage economic stability 

  • Encourage rapid re-use of vacant space to support resiliency and long-term growth 

  • Safely house the homeless

Energy & Our Environment 
  • Ensure that Connecticut workers currently employed directly or indirectly in the fossil fuel industry will be able to transition to a clean energy economy by establish a pipeline for these employees

  • Build a pipeline for clean energy jobs to ensure non-profit groups like the Urban League or Habitat for Humanity are getting the funding and support they need to train black, brown, and people of color with the requirement to diversify the industry 

  • Work with Chairs of the Energy & Technology and Planning & Development Committees to ensure that we as elected officials are planning now for a carbon free future, which includes the mass exodus of jobs in the fossil fuel industry



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